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Do you get super weird around food?

Eat too fast, eat standing up or get confused about what to eat, when to eat, or how to prepare it?

Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder or ADHD ?, or, do you just feel stressed about eating and wish you could SLOW the F down !?

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Sounds easy right?

But for some of us.. .this feels almost impossible. We have spent years feeling confused and ashamed of our eating patterns and lack of control. There may be many reasons you have developed unhealthy eating patterns - but what if there was a simple solution to help with some of that anxiety?

Bowl of Sliced Bananas With Rice Crispies

Imagine eating slowly and enjoying every bite.

If you can't imagine that...can you take 3 deep breaths right now? Feel any tension? Where is it? Can you relax into that for just a moment and let it release a bit. 3 more breaths. Notice what comes up...

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The answer to freeing your mind, might just be in your body...

We work to slow down & release tension.

We transform this once stressful experience into one that is calming, restorative & healing.

If you would like to find out more, or schedule a free 15 minute phone convo - please email: hey@slowdownu.com


I'm Nina

I'm a PACFA Accredited Psychotherapist, Coach and Counsellor. I have also had a complicated relationship with food for much of my adult life. I know what it feels like to try so many times and fail. I also know what it feels like to find freedom from the chaotic mind.

Clients tell me that i'm down to earth, funny, warm , kind and straightforward.

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Hi, I'm Madeleine

I'm a Registered Nutritionist and Dietican.

My passion is to educate and inspire others to love their bodies, so that they will take care of it and lead healthy lives.

My straightforward and informative approach is all about giving you the most up to date tools based on research and my 15 years in practice.

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